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How to successfully disinfect your mouthpiece with water and grain alcohol.

How to successfully disinfect your mouthpiece.
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Leonard Bernstein's Sonata for Clarinet and Piano is an incredible work but sometimes overlooked because of the extreme difficulty of the second movement.  Both clarinet and piano have ambitious parts to play.  Here's my suggestion for making it work.

Flutter tonguing?  No problem.  Christina shows us how.

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What skills do your students need to be successful?  Does it seem as if you ‘start over’ at every lesson and spend your time chasing errors?  Do your students practice regularly and deliberately?  

Let’s look at some strategies that may improve your teaching and make a difference for your students.  (Click the image.)

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Top two things that hold you back in auditions?  Air between the notes and a good sense of "time."

Focus and Tuning for Clarinetists

Voicing makes or breaks the clarinet sound.  Find your "voice" with these tips.

Overcoming the Undertone

Try these suggestions for getting rid of the dreaded undertone.

Ever wonder why students don't know the enharmonic notes?  I don't have the answer but I do have some practical exercises for learning enharmonics here.

Unfamiliar Territory by Michael Markowski is available for clarinet and wind ensemble and clarinet and piano reduction.

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