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In a practice rut?  Try this.  Keeping fingers even and moving smoothly in all keys is a 

must.  Think of this exercise as the ultimate fingering puzzle.  Concentration, listening, and patience required.  

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New edition.  Same information and sequence with new chromatic exercises for learning enharmonic note names and developing good hand position.


So You Want to Play the Clarinet is a carefully sequenced book for beginner clarinetists that emphasizes good tone quality and phrasing. The range is moderate, from the lowest E to third line B-flat. Rhythms and basic techniques needed for first semester performance are included. For the best result, follow the lessons in order. With regular practice, you can teach yourself to play.

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It's back!  I selected patterns from the tried and true - Baermann and others - that actually help students gain the skills needed to perform classical style literature.  Go to the shop page to view the contents.

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