Master the

Middle Register

Chosen as an "Editor's Pick" at JW Pepper, The Break takes you step-by-step over the break with clear explanations, exercises, familiar melodies, pre-Rose etudes, and a guide to the altissimo.   

Teach yourself to play the clarinet

So You Want to Play the Clarinet is published by Southern Music and available at your favorite Hal Leonard retailer.  This newest edition has more melodies, duets, and lots of practice on chromatics.  Start with how to open the case and finish with all the skills necessary to join the band!


Focus the sound.  Develop consistency.

Haven't practiced in awhile?  Students done the same?  Here are 3 exercises to rebuild focus and consistency from low E to C above the staff.  These work well for clarinet sectionals too.   

Articulation Reboot

Need something to jump-start your practice?  Here's a good place to start.  Sound Advice Part Two addresses articulated tone quality, a very popular subject these days.  There's something for everybody here that can easily be done in daily warm-ups.

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