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British Eighth Concert March

Texas UIL PML List

  Mixed Quartet - 3 Bb's, Bass

Choir - 3 Bb's, Alto, Bass, Eb Contra

The homophonic characteristics of this march provide an excellent platform for teaching centered sound, intonation, blend, and balance. Both arrangements will work well for almost any number of players. These arrangements are inclusive:  perfect for groups with a wide variety of ability levels within the same ensemble.

Now on the Texas UIL PML list - Class One! 

(beautiful, challenging, and timeless Pasadoble)

Pepita Ordering Information.png

Texas UIL PML list - Class One 

(classical style barn-burner, excellent choice for developing players)

Air Varie.png

Texas UIL PML list - Class One, Two, & Three. 

(gorgeous melodies with challenging phrasing)  

Four Short Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
Four Short Pieces.png

(Great recital closer or encore)  

Jalousie: Gypsy Tango for Clarinet and Piano

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So You Want to Play the Clarinet Book Cover.
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